Getting a new Car

Driving has become a common factor today. A person, as young as seventeen years in the UK can get a driving licence. The vehicle in use should also be protected, bringing about the aspect of insurance for young drivers uk. An insurance is a fidelity set across to provide financial protection against physical damage or bodily damage to a vehicle resulting from traffic collisions and also against liability that could arise from vehicle accidents. Insurance in the UK was established in the year 1946 to provide compensation to victims involving uninsured drivers. Later on Traffic Acts added rules to protect accident victims and reduce the population of uninsured vehicles.

Extra information about insurance for young drivers uk

The UK automotive industry dates back to the late 19th century where it featured as the second-largest manufacturer of cars in the world, and the largest exporter. However, the industry experienced lower growth in the subsequent years as compared to its competitor countries such as Japan, Germany and France. In the early 1900s, foreign companies such as TATA, BMW, Volkswagen Group and SAIC acquired the British car marques.

Some of the cars manufactured in the UK around the 1980s onwards till early 2000s include;

Morris Ital

Also known as Morris Marina Ital is a medium sized car built by British Leyland. Its production took place from 1980-1984, first launched on 1 July 1980. It was a revised version of the Morris Marina which had been initially produced by British Leyland Company since 1971. Morris Ital had a revised exterior styling, but retained the Morris Marina's 1.3 and 1.7 litre petrol engines and rear-wheel drive chassis, the interior and dashboard. In November 1981, al HLS and HL models were fitted with upgraded interior trim. Finally, a revised Morris Ital range was introduced in September 1982. Thus cropped, the range consisted of the 1.3 SL estate, 1.3 SL and SLX saloon, 1.7 SL saloon and estate and 1.7 SLX saloon. However, in February 1984, the saloon model was dropped.

Ford Sierra

It is a mid-sized car built by Ford Europe from 22 September 1982-1993. Its blob-like design differed from the sharp edged, straight-line styling of the Cortana and thus unpopular, making its sales low in the beginning. With a 1.6 and 2 litre versions of the Pinto engine and a 4-speed manual gear box, it faced steep rivalry. Ten years after production, Ford Sierra had had changes severally keeping it at its peak as the second best selling in Britain in 1983, 1988 and 1989. Sierra was later replaced by the Mondeo in March 1993 though it was still processed till the early 2000.

Rover Metro

Was initially produced by British Leyland and later the Rover Group from May 1990. Being a heavily revised version of the original Metro, it was fitted with a new range of engines. A new body shell was designed, with styling influenced by Ital Design. Bringing up a whole different version.

The motor world has been in existence from far back, improving with every new version.Today, this growth spurt has called for insurance for young drivers uk.