Austin Kimberley

The Australian Austin Kimberley and Austin Tasman "X6" models of 1970 were a range of Leyland Australian designed front-wheel-drive sedans based on the Austin 1800 (ADO17) platform. These cars were offered as an Australian replacement to the Austin 1800. Their boxy styling, developed for the car to be a proper six-seater, was all-new, but a few features, including the 1800s doors, were retained. These doors however utilized recessed door handles, in order to satisfy Australian Design Rules safety concerns. The standard powerplant for the X6 range was a transverse mounted 2.2L OHC straight-six engine, based on the 1500/1750 Austin Maxi unit. At the time of the X6's introduction, it would have been the only car in production with a ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by British Motor Corporation (Australia)

Class & Body style

  • Mid-size car

Production period

  • 1970-1974


Matthew Austin introducing Kimberly Worthy, 2009 Washington, DC Teacher of the Year
Matthew Austin introducing Kimberly Worthy, 2009 Washington, DC Teacher of the Year
Kimberly Austin's Talent at Miss Gulf States
Kimberly Austin's Talent at Miss Gulf States
The Storm Will Pass
The Storm Will Pass
Once Upon a Time
Once Upon a Time
(Trailer) One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary
(Trailer) One-Eyed Doll: A Rockumentary
Emjay live at Kimberly Najjar B-Day bash
Emjay live at Kimberly Najjar B-Day bash

Engine data

  • BMC E-Series engine
  • 2227 cc

Successor models

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