Fiat 501

The Fiat 501 is a car produced by Fiat between 1919 and 1926. The 501 was Fiat's first model after World War I. In 1921 came sport versions S and SS. The model produced 47,600 examples. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Fiat

Production period

  • 1919-1926


Molasses cleaning on our 1923 fiat 501
Molasses cleaning on our 1923 fiat 501
Fiat 501 Differential
Fiat 501 Differential
First start in 40 years of the Fiat 501
First start in 40 years of the Fiat 501
Fiat 501 Start Up
Fiat 501 Start Up
Yellow Fiat 501
Yellow Fiat 501
Fiat 501 Gearbox
Fiat 501 Gearbox

Predecessor models

Successor models

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Image Gallery

Freak Out 2008
Freak Out 2008
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Pictures of the barn fresh 1925 501 Fiat - The FIAT Forum
Fiat 1890-
File:Fiat 501 Spider 1925.jpg - Wikimedia Commons

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