Fiat Duna

The Fiat Duna (Fiat Prêmio in Brazil) was a small car produced by Fiat in Brazil, where it was sold as Fiat Prêmio. The Duna was based on the Fiat Uno, but unlike the Uno, it was a sedan, as such models are more popular in South America. In Brazil, the "Prêmio" was presented in late 1985: with its only two doors, it never became the big hit the Brazilians expected. In 1987, the Elba model was born: With a 1.5 l engine, the new station wagon with only three doors was supposed to replace the old Fiat Panorama, based in the Fiat 147. Only in 1988 the Brazilians could get the four-door Premio and in 1989, the Elba with five doors. In Argentina the four door Duna was released in 1987, and from 1990 was the best selling car in the market ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Fiat

Class & Body style

  • Station wagon

Production period

  • 1987-2004


Heather Parisi - Spot Fiat Duna
Heather Parisi - Spot Fiat Duna
Fiat duna
Fiat duna
fiat duna vs fiat 128
fiat duna vs fiat 128
Fiat Duna - reu. 30/08/2009
Fiat Duna - reu. 30/08/2009

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Argentina
  • Brazil
Production plants:
  • Argentina

Predecessor models

Successor models

Tests and reviews from the web

1988 Fiat Duna 70 Review (r11356) -  Nice first car! - Review location: Israel, Review id: r11356, Review written: 9th February, 2001 read more
1987 Fiat Duna 60 Review (r86690) -  A nice car for its price - Review location: Greece, Review id: r86690, Review written: 4th February, 2006 read more
Fiat Duna - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:  The Duna was based on the Fiat Uno, but unlike the Uno, it was a sedan, as such ... The model chosen for the test was the Duna SCV with a 1.5 liter engine with 82 ... read more

Image Gallery

Fiat Duna - WOI Encyclopedia Italia
Fiat catalog, photo (pictures), neighbours, tech specs and local ...
Fiat Duna - Wikicars - Blueprints > Cars > Fiat > Fiat Duna 4-
1987 Fiat Duna 146A.000 - Fiat DUNA Weekend 1,7 D BRASIL
Fiat Duna catalog, photo (pictures), neighbours, tech specs and ...
Fiat Duna catalog, photo (pictures), neighbours, tech specs and ...
CAR blueprints - 1987 Fiat Duna Weekend Wagon blueprint

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