Fiat Idea

The Fiat Idea is a mini MPV built by the Italian manufacturer Fiat since 2003. The car is based on the Project 188 platform, originally used for the second-generation Fiat Punto. The Idea is noted for its versatile interior, which includes sliding and folding rear seats. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Fiat

Class & Body style

  • Mini MPV

Production period

  • 2003—present


  • Giorgetto Giugiaro


Euro NCAP | Fiat Idea | 2006 | Crash test
Euro NCAP | Fiat Idea | 2006 | Crash test
Fiat Idea commercial
Fiat Idea commercial
Fiat Idea Adventure - Iguana
Fiat Idea Adventure - Iguana
Crash Test of 2006 - Present Fiat Idea w/sab
Crash Test of 2006 - Present Fiat Idea w/sab
ItaliaspeedTV - Fiat Idea (studio video)
ItaliaspeedTV - Fiat Idea (studio video)

Engine data

  • Petrol engines: 1.2 16v 1.4 1.4 16v 1.8 8v (Brazil only) Diesel engines: 1.3 16v 1.3 16v 1.6 16v 1.9 8v

Production and assembly

Production countries:
  • Brazil
Production plants:
  • Turin

Tests and reviews from the web

Fiat Idea Review:  An in-depth " Review " The FIAT Idea was launched in the UK in February 2004 with the 'George not included' TV advertising campaign which featured ... read more
Fiat Idea road test reports | Fiat Idea consumer car reviews ...:  ... and versatile interior, with the original models including sliding and folding rear seats. The Fiat Idea was first built in 2004 and took its base... read more
Fiat Idea (04-07) Car Review - Parkers:  Find out what the Parkers experts think of the Fiat Idea today. The name Idea actually stands for Intelligent Design, Emotion and Architecture. ... read more

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Image Gallery

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