Fiat Ritmo

The Fiat Ritmo is an automobile from the Italian manufacturer Fiat, launched in 1978. Styled by Bertone of Italy, it was seen by some as the most distinctive looking small family car in Europe on its launch in 1978 Turin Motorshow. It was badged in Britain, Canada and the U.S. as the Fiat Strada. During its production which ran from 1978 to 1988, a total of 1,790,000 units were made. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Fiat

Class & Body style

  • Hatchback

Production period

  • 1978–1988


  • Bertone


FIAT Ritmo - Commercial
FIAT Ritmo - Commercial
Fiat Ritmo Turbo
Fiat Ritmo Turbo
Krste Trajkovski onboard - Kavadarci Race 1 Fiat Ritmo
Krste Trajkovski onboard - Kavadarci Race 1 Fiat Ritmo
Fiat Ritmo 550HP VS Seat Cordoba 750HP
Fiat Ritmo 550HP VS Seat Cordoba 750HP
Fiat Ritmo TD 1,9 BURNOUT
Fiat Ritmo TD 1,9 BURNOUT

Engine data

  • 1.0 L

Predecessor models

Successor models

Tests and reviews from the web

Fiat Ritmo T-Jet Sport:  Fiat Ritmo Sport T-Jet. Was the Ritmo T-Jet Sport the product of a romantic liaison ... JAEDENE HUDSON and JOSHUA DOWLING test the new Fiat Ritmo. ... read more
Fiat Ritmo - Wikicars:  The Fiat Ritmo is a small family car produced by Fiat from 1978-1988. ... If using information gathered from Road Test articles from a reputable automotive source, ... read more
Fiat Ritmo 2008 1000km Road Test Car Reviews | NRMA Motoring ...:  NRMA's Car Review of the 2008 Fiat Ritmo finds an Italian vehicle packed with the latest technology and lots of fun to drive. read more

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Image Gallery

Fiat Ritmo (1978) with pictures and wallpapers
Fiat Ritmo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
File:Fiat Ritmo 60L 1987.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
1983 FIAT Ritmo 130 TC Abarth - Sport car technical specifications ...
Fiat names small car '
Fiat Ritmo wallpaper # 02 of 02, Side, MY 1978, 1600x1200
1981 FIAT Ritmo 125 TC Abarth - Sport car technical specifications ...
Fiat Ritmo 85s Cabriolet (1980) Picture

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