Proton Persona

The Proton Persona (known as the Proton Gen-2 Persona in the UK and Indonesia) is a small family car manufactured by Malaysian national carmaker Proton since August 2007 and is the successor to the Proton Wira. ... from Wikipedia

Manufactured by Proton (carmaker)

Class & Body style

  • Compact car

Production period

  • 2007–present


Proton Persona R3
Proton Persona R3
Jack Lim & Proton Persona
Jack Lim & Proton Persona
Proton Persona Review
Proton Persona Review
Proton Persona - Review
Proton Persona - Review
2010 Proton Persona 1.6 Hi-Line Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Test Drive
2010 Proton Persona 1.6 Hi-Line Start-Up, Full Vehicle Tour and Test Drive
Proton Tuah Persona Replacement Concept
Proton Tuah Persona Replacement Concept

Engine data

  • Campro engine
  • 1.6 L

Tests and reviews from the web

Proton Persona Elegance Facelift 2010 Review | Fastmotoring:  Proton Persona Facelift 2010, or as Proton would like to call it - Proton Persona Elegance. The car just launch today and we manage to get many photos from read more
Proton Persona launched: Proton's new sedan:  Details, specifications, prices and photos of the new Proton Persona sedan launched in August 2007. read more
New Proton Persona Consumer Reviews & Review - sgCarMart:  Latest Proton Persona Reviews. Get reviews on Proton Persona Road Tests & Ratings. Give your personal ratings and comments! The Only Place For Smart Car Buyers. read more

Image Gallery

Proton Persona | Auto Spectator: New car reviews, pics, info & specs
Proton Persona Envy, Proton Persona Pictures — RevMods
Proton Persona launched: Proton's new sedan
proton persona new
Proton Persona | Auto Spectator: New car reviews, pics, info & specs
Kereta Proton Persona: Proton Pictures.
News: Proton Launches Persona Sedan, Proton Waja Replacement ...
File:Proton Persona (rear), Serdang.jpg - Wikipedia, the free ...

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